Thursday, October 22, 2015

Treatments for Stuttering in Children (part 2 of 2)

Various treatment methods are available for children with speech difficulty. These treatments only alleviate the condition to reduce stammering—no cure has been invented yet. Therapy can help a lot in keeping developmental stammering from getting in the way of a child’s normal day-to-day life.
Stammering in children is usually treated through informing parents on the best ways to adjust or control their children’s speaking environment. That way, the episodes of stammering will be minimized.

The following are several suggestions for parents like you who are finding ways to treat your child’s speech condition:

• Discuss openly with your child the condition when he or she asks you about it.

• Avoid encouraging or forcing your child to speak to other people.

• Make sure that you maintain a relaxed environment in your home to give your child enough chance to speak. It would be a lot helpful if you let your child speak without any distraction coming from you or other people at home.

• Be relaxed whenever you speak and do it slowly. That way, your child will learn to imitate the correct way to speak minus the stammering.

• Listen to your child attentively whenever he or she talks to you. Be patient—wait for your kid to complete the words. Avoid completing your child’s thoughts for himself or herself.

• Avoid punishing your child or reacting harshly because of his or her speech disfluency.

A cure for stuttering does not exist. However, as a parent, you can do some ways to help your child improve his or her fluency when speaking.


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