Sunday, October 11, 2015

Comment Posting: A Power Blog Promoting Technique (part 1 of 2)

You keep on hearing bloggers marvel about the wonderful benefits of leaving comments on other blogs but you’ve yet to try the tactic yourself. If you still aren’t sure about the wisdom of following their steps, here are a few reasons that could convince you to take that final step.

Show Your Expertise

Everyone prefers to listen to an expert than an amateur. With an expert’s advice, you spend your time wisely and get to learn something in return. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an opportunity to show your expertise.

As such, you have to create the opportunity for yourself once in a while and you can do that by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Try spending a few minutes visiting other people’s blogs. Go around the blogging community, and once you’ve found some questions you’re very much in the position to answer, go ahead and share your wisdom.

Giving advice whenever it’s solicited is so much better than bragging, don’t you think?

Show Your Charm, Eloquence, and Wit

People can be terribly greedy. To please them, you not only have to be intelligent but you have to be articulate and witty, too. If you had a choice between visiting the blog of an extremely smart but humorless Internet marketer and one who’s moderately smart but witty, which blog would you choose? Many would choose the latter, don’t you think?

Now that you know what’s demanded of you, the next thing to do is determine how to prove that you indeed have all those great qualities. Again, you do that by leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

It’s very important not to overdo your bit when you’re out to display your wit. While providing excessive information can be seen as simply being detailed, being too funny could make other people you’re trying too hard to be so.

There’s a right time, place, and reason to be funny. Make sure you know when such moments occur!

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